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      Kyle Calderwoodkcalderw

      My district is starting to move away from SMART boards to ActivPanels. One thing we’re struggling with right out of the gate is being able to annotate on a second display (MacOS). The Smart software allowed us to calibrate a second display and then write on the second display using their panel or IWB. I’m finding this is not possible so far with ActivInspire.

      Our current setup is Macbook to an HDMI switcher which allows us to push the extended display to both a monitor and a panel. We had no issues writing on the SMART panel (2nd display) and having that show up with annotations. The teachers share their screen with virtual learners and also students in-person so they can see the same content.

      Is it possible to somehow write on the 2nd display?

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      Kate PrometheanKate Promethean

      Hi there,

      Thanks for your post. Please could you confirm the model of Panel is use?

      This article should shed some light on using the extended mode with our hardware:




      Promethean Technical Support

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      Kyle Calderwoodkcalderw

      As I mentioned we are on MacOS, not Windows. We’re using all Titanium panels.

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      Craig PrometheanCraig Promethean

      Hello kcalderw,

      Thank you for your post.

      Will you be duplicating the image on the Mac and the ActivPanel? Or will you be connecting two monitors to the Mac?

      I’m sure I fully understand what you want to do with the displays?

      We look forward to hearing from you.

      Kind regards,


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      Kyle Calderwoodkcalderw

      Yep so this is our current config.

      Macbook to HDMI Switch as the “input”. HDMI switch has two outputs (monitor/panel) which mirror each other. So anything on the monitor is exactly what’s on the panel. The Macbook is set to extended. We are unable to pull the annotation toolbar over to the other screen so that the teacher can write on the panel and have it show up (also) on the monitor which is shared with virtual learners at home.

      Right now the only way we can do this is to use the panel in Android and load up Google Meet directly from the panel. Then share their screen from there.

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      Hello kcalderw,

      Thank you for your reply.

      Desktop Annotate is not supported on extended desktop within ActivInspire.

      Apologies if we cannot offer more help on this.

      If you have any more queries, please do not hesitate to get back in touch.

      Kind regards,


      Promethean Technical Support

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      Hi kcalderw,

      Some ActivInspire features are not currently supported on a secondary screen, they are only supported on the ‘main’ display.

      To get Desktop annotate to work on the ActivPanel, you should make the ActivPanel your ‘main’ display.

      To do this, go to the display preferences, and drag the small white bar, to the ActivPanel screen, this will make the ActivPanel the main display, and desktop annotate should then work.

      If you have any other questions please do let us know.


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