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    Patrick Sullivan
    Patrick Sullivan

    Is there a workaround with the ActivConnect OPS-G to apply a password per account added?  Our panels will be shared amongst several teachers and we’d like to separate/secure their Google accounts by prompting them to resign in or enter a pin.

    From what I’ve gathered,  Android 7.0 was the first Android OS to provide this functionality.  Our ActivConnect OPS-G devices are still on Android 6.0.

    Any workarounds or hacks would be greatly appreciated!

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    A password can be added to each User profile on the ActivConnect devices.  Each of those profiles can have a different Google account associated with it.

    So while you cannot directly put a password on the Google Account, you can put a password on the User Profile on the device that has a Google Account associated with it.

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    Patrick Sullivan
    Patrick Sullivan

    Hi Jarrad,

    Thanks!  I can’t believe I missed that.  Is there a way to require that each user sets a passcode/pin either through the settings in Android or through Radix?

    Thanks again!

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    That can be set through each User Profile’s Settings on the device through:

    Settings > Personal > Security > Screen Lock

    From there, you can set a Password, PIN, or Swipe Pattern for that profile.


    Support and advice on using the Viso device management platform for the ActivConnect devices would best be obtained from Radix here:

    Support Ticket

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