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      Wendy PrometheanWendy

      Erratic ActivPen behavior could look like jagged lines when you are drawing a straight line or the mouse cursor moving around the screen unassisted. If this is a 500 series ActivBoard, please read article 10866 on the Knowledge Base. For all other ActivBoards, here are a few things you can do:

      • Update the ActivDriver to the latest version.  (see article 10902 on the Knowledge Base)

      • Reboot the computer and try another USB port.

      • Reset the ActivBoard.  (see article 10883 on the Knowledge Base)

      • Test the ActivBoard with a known working ActivPen.

      • Calibrate the ActivBoard with the Precision calibration.  (see article 10124 on the Knowledge Base)

      • Use the ActivPen in a different drawing program such as Microsoft Paint.

      • Try another USB cable.

      • If you are connected to the ActivBoard via a wallbox, try disconnecting the USB cable from the wallbox and connecting directly to the ActivBoard.

      • Check to ensure that the firmware version is the latest. If it is not, then update the firmware.  (see article 10800 on the Knowledge Base)

      If none of these solve the problem, then please contact Technical Support  for further instructions

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