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      myPromethean Portal 1.1 introduces new panel management functionality for remotely configuring network settings and power management and new ways to manage users. We are also introducing the Resource Library – a new way for teachers to access over 45,000 flipcharts and open them in ActivInspire in just a few clicks.

      myPromethean Portal

      Multiple Organizations Using a single email address and login (Google, Microsoft, or username and password), users can be associated with multiple organizations. One sign-in can now be used to access all associated organizations. Data and permissions will update based on the selected organization, and users can select a default organization to load on login within their profile

      User Management

      Unique Users Organization Administrators within an organization can add unique users who do not share the same domain, providing a more convenient way for partners and service providers to provide support to an organization. Previously, partners and service providers needed a user account created using the domain defined by the organization.

      All users accounts created using the domains defined by an organization will be automatically added directly to that organization.

      Activity Log Organization Administrators can quickly and efficiently get visibility into user activities and users affected. Activities tracked include the following: user added, user account suspended, user account activated, role assigned, and role removed. For a more focused view, filters can be applied to view activities by type, user, or date range.
      Details Page Organization Administrators can view user details including name, status, email address, date registered, and current roles assigned.

      User details are only viewable by Organization Administrators.

      Bulk Actions Organization Administrators can suspend or activate multiple users at a time, providing administrators with an easier way to manage user accounts.

      Panel Management

      Configuration Management Organization and Panel Administrators can now remotely set up a configuration, a specific combination of panel settings, and apply it to a panel or group of panels. myPromethean Portal 1.1 includes the ability to configure power management and network settings. A configuration can be easily created, edited, and managed. A configuration can be applied to panels immediately or applied at a later time to avoid disrupting class time.
      Configuration: Power Management Power management settings can be remotely configured and applied to a panel or group of panels to ensure that panels automatically power off – enter Sleep mode – at a scheduled time, saving on electricity costs and extending the life of a panel.
      Configuration: Network Settings Network settings can be remotely configured and applied to a panel or group of panels, enabling Organization and Panel Administrators to set Wi-Fi and ethernet settings without having to be physically at a panel.

      If a network settings configuration is applied and no connection is established, the panel will automatically revert back to the previous network settings to ensure that the panel can continue to be managed.

      Resource Library

      Introducing Resource Library, a myPromethean Portal app where ActivInspire users can easily search, preview and save thousands of ready-made flipcharts, and open them directly in ActivInspire.

      The Resource Library will be accessible through the app switcher in the myPromethean Portal, or through a direct URL. Anyone can access the Resource Library, however a user must sign in through the myPromethean Portal in order to access a flipchart.

      Without signing in, you can:

      • Search for flipcharts by subject, grade-level, or language
      • Preview a flipchart and see its detailed information
      • Share a link to a flipchart through social media or copy the link

      Once you sign in to myPromethean, you can:

      • Save flipcharts to your own collections
      • Download a flipchart to local storage
      • Open a flipchart in ActivInspire*
      • Rate and comment on flipcharts to help other users find what they need
      • Report a resource if it seems outdated or not functional

      *You must have ActivInspire version 2.18 to open a flipchart from the Resource Library directly in ActivInspire. If you do not have version 2.18, you will be prompted to download the latest version from the Support site.

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