What is ActivInspire?
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      I’ve got a brand new promethean active panel touch.
      I have installed the software and can use it on my laptop, but it is not displayed on the board

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      Depending on how the video
      connection to the ActivPanel Touch is being made from the computer, you will
      need to ensure the correct source is chosen (“PC” for a VGA connection; “HDMI”
      if using that cable to connect) using the “Source” button on the Panel’s
      remote.  Press that button to bring up
      the list of sources, use the arrow key to choose the correct source, and
      pressing the “OK” button once the correct source is highlighted.


      Also, please try
      setting the display settings on the computer so that the displays are mirrored,
      duplicated, or cloned.


      If the video
      connection to this Panel uses any additional hardware, such as a splitter, an extension
      cable, or other adapters, please instead use only a single length of cable
      (preferably that which was included with the Panel) to make that video connection.


      If you are still not
      seeing any display at that time, please contact
      our Technical Support Team
      with this Panel’s serial number for further
      steps to attempt and (if necessary) verification of the Panel’s warranty.


      (Support Case

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