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      Sharon GallowaySharon Galloway

      I updated activeinspire a week ago when I had a message there was a new update to do.
      Since then the drawing tool has not worked successfully on the IWB. I have a team board, so use hands and fingers for the touch tool. The writing tool works on the computer, but when one goes to draw a line only a starting spot shows, and the rest of the line is invisible.
      My computer is running on windows 7 enterprise (yes its old).
      I wish I had not done the update because everything was running perfectly. What do you suggest I do?

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      Hi Sharon,

      This issue sounds similar to what has been reported by other users using third party devices with touch/finger events.

      Apologies for the inconvenience, we will raise this case with our developers to hopefully review and fix in future releases.

      For the moment we would recommend uninstalling ActivInspire 2.6 and downgrading to 2.4 from the below link:

      I hope this helps!

      Promethean Technical Support

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      This did not help.  File cannot be open once downloaded.

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      Hi Sharon,

      I have just tested the file and it opens fine.

      Can you please check your computers settings and try to download again.



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      I’ve had a similar problem with the dot and the drawing tool as the OP. 

      My issue seems to be linked to staff opening flipcharts created in earlier versions (1.5) Then directly opening said flipchart from a USB drive. this is causing Activ to generate and error relating to newer versions.

      I’ve got users with roaming profiles. I’ve found that deleting the local profile from within Activ resolves the dot issue. A simple uninstall and reinstall of an earlier version would not fix it as the local profile appears to be persevered even after uninstall and reinstall.

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