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      I have installed all of the up to date drivers for the ActivBoard and Keyspan serial adapter on a new Dell Windows 10 laptop, and the laptop can’t find the activboard through the serial adapter.

      The laptop will connect to a different activboard using a USB cable, the activboard with the serial connection will work with the old Windows 8 laptop.  I’ve tried to run the serial adapter through a USB hub as stated in a support article with no luck.  The serial adapter is working and is recognised by the Windows 10 laptop.

      Any help much appreciated.

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      Did you get this issue resolved? I am having similar issues. I have the ActivBoard connected through a serial cable. We received new Windows 10 computers without serial ports and serial adapters were installed. The adapters are working correctly; however, the board is not recognized. I have tried the old serial driver as well as the newest activdriver available. 

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      Please provide the model number of the board you are trying to connect to.  Does the board have a USB port, try to connect with USB cable to see if the board will connect.  Do you still have the old computer does that still connect to this board, if it does please provide the firmware of the board?

      Thank you,

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      Here is a link to the old driver that worked for me:!AqJgPP25OWHGjWCvoiyZGl-rXhk0

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