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      The projector suddenly quit being able to connect to my computer or doc cam, and I didn’t change any cables or anything! I’ve unplugged, replugged, changed sources on remote, etc. No luck. 🙁

      It says ¨replace lamp¨, but the screen is still blue. It has said replace lamp for a while. Can that interfere with the connection? It’s projecting blue, just not connecting to my computer or doc cam. No signal/source.

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      The ‘Lamp Replace’ LED on the projector would have no effect on the projector’s ability to connect to any hardware.  It is only an indication that the projector has registered 3000 hours of use for the lamp installed and is a recommendation that a replacement lamp be purchased for that unit.


      If the computer and document camera are connected to the projector through any additional hardware (e.g. a video splitter, a wallbox, extension cabling, etc.), please try by-passing that hardware to make direct connections to the VGA ports on the projector; is the video output from that hardware seen while connected in that manner?


      If not, please try contacting our Technical Support Team for assistance with the projector in question.


      (Support Case 00503491)

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