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      We have recently moved into a new school.  80 x 75″ active panels.  Teachers use laptops running windows 10 and use docking station to connect.  Frequently ( 4 or 5 times a day ) the connection can drop, sometimes we have sound but other times we don’t.  The screen can freeze as well.  This is not happening across all devices.  when connected and trying to play powerpoint, it quickly reverts to screen extension rather than duplicate.  We are using a 4K HDMI to monitor adapter.  we also can’t import powerpoints.  any help would be appreciated.  

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      Hi alandick,

      Thanks for posting.
      So we can rule out any issues with the docking station, can you try and use the ActivPanel without the docking station and see if you have these issues?

      When the connection drops, this is usually related to USB cables/adapters and lengths. With having a docking station, this is a form of adapter so we need to rule this out from being the issue. 
      Are you connecting to any faceplates/connectivity panels? Or do the cables connect directly into the port on the ActivPanel?
      Do you have a laptop that you can connect directly to the ActivPanel using a HDMI cable and USB cable without the need for adapters? If so, please test and see if this is still dropping sound and connection.

      Please can you explain further regarding the set up surround the 4k HDMI adapter, is this connecting to a laptop or desktop? 
      Are you using duplicate and then when you are using PowerPoint it reverts to extended? Are you referring to PowerPoint as an application on the ActivConnect G-Series or on a computer?
      Are you trying to import PowerPoint files to ActivInspire? If so, what version of PowerPoint are you using and what errors do you receive?

      Kind regards,
      Promethean Technical Support

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