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      Michael ThompsonMichael Thompson

      I cannot get the pen for my Promethean to calibrate. We had it calibrate when I was setting it up and it works fine other than that, but since then, the cursor and the pen have become a bit more disjointed. I have tried to follow the instructions for getting the pen to calibrate correctly, but so far I have not had any response when I hovered my pen over the flame icon in the top left corner. It just opens the menu instead. I am using a MacBook and it is a Promethean ActivBoard 500.

      From some other support posts questions/answers I found, there is supposed to be an icon somewhere on my screen I can manually choose to calibrate, but that also is not showing up. I don’t know if I missed downloading something or what the issue is specifically.

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      Michael, you may want to make sure you have the current ActivDriver, which you can download from You’ll see the drivers on the right side of the page. After installing that, you should see the ActivManager icon in the top menubar on your Mac. When you click that, calibration will be an option in the menu.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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