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      I’ve updated my MacBook Pro with El Capitan and have downloaded the drivers but it keeps telling me to use the ‘app’ that came with it and uninstall the old driver! I cannot find the old driver! Please help someone – I’m going insane without the use of my IWB and so are the kids at school! Can someone tell me why the new driver does not have the uninstall app to get rid of the old driver (which I cannot see)! Thanks so much community!

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      SORTED thanks to the community and MONK!

      These instructions were perfect – except at home so will check if this has resolved communication issue with pen not working with my computer upgrade! Thanks again!

      Monk’s suggestion:

      Now to your question…

      If you uninstall the driver (Applications/promethean/activdriver/uninstall. ) click on the Terminal application. (follow onscreen Insturctions and enter your computer password to allow changes to system).

      Only then install the new driver software, Restart the computer and all should be fine.

      You do not need to update ActivInspire (unless you’re running a very very old version- in which case check with you IT team or download the new one from the website).

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