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      Lindsay McnattLindsay Mcnatt

      I am sporadically having an issue where when I touch with pen or finger on my touch board, it will double click. So, when I click to turn the page, it will turn two pages. I can’t open a menu such as file because it clicks twice and takes me out of it etc. I end up having to teach from my computer when this happens, instead of interacting at the board. Most of the time, if I shut my computer down and restart it will fix it, but not something I can do right in the middle of my lesson. I spoke with tech support at Promethean about it when I was having another issue as well. They had me update the firmware, but I am still occasionally having this issue. Any ideas?

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      Hi Lindsay,

      If the touch input is clicking twice if your using programs outside of ActivInspire then this is most likely an operating system setting that needs to be changed.
      Are you using a Windows computer or Mac operating system?

      Promethean Technical Support
      Case 00617193

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      I have the exact same issue and posted this response a while back.  To summarize, my only solution seems to be to connect my laptop (usb) to the Activpanel, turn on the Activpanel, then connect the HDMI cord when the Activpanel shows “No Source”.  Then the touch works as expected.  Otherwise I run into the same issue you have.  Below is my original post in another thread.

      “My Activpanel seems to run in two configurations, depending on how I connect my laptop to the board. 

      “multi-touch” is activated, the panel is extremely sensitive.  So much
      so that a wisp of long hair can register as a touch.  I’d love some guidance from Promethean on the proper configuration of Windows 8 for use with the Activpanel for this reason. 
      Another issue I always have is that the board registers page turns two
      at a time.  Even though there is an article addressing this issue, the
      solution mentioned there doesn’t seem to work for me.

      multi-touch isn’t activated, the board works nicely.  It’s not nearly as
      sensitive and the page turns work fine.  However, the inability to have
      multiple students at the board at once is a functional sacrifice.

      I connect the computer to the board each day I have to follow a
      specific sequence to ensure that the latter configuration is employed. 
      First, my laptop is fully powered and Windows is running.  Next I
      connect the usb cord from the activpanel to my laptop.  Then I turn on
      the activpanel.  When the activpanel display shows No Signal, I connect
      the HDMI cord to my laptop.  If I put the laptop to sleep, turn off the
      activpanel, or disconnect and reconnect either the usb or hdmi, then the
      next time I use the Activpanel it enters the “multi-touch” mode.”

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