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      Don BoehmDon Boehm

      Hello. We are about three weeks or so into our use of Titanium panels, and two of our panels, used by different teachers, exhibit the same problem. One day, everything is there. The next, both Owner and Guest accounts lose all but three locker apps. Whiteboard and annotate features do not respond to a touch, as if there’s no app to run.  In both cases, the teacher had yet to even make use of the locker, and would not know how to delete any apps. Reset to factory defaults recovers the missing apps, but would like to be able to prevent future instances of this behavior.

      Has anyone else had this experience? Any insights on what might be going on? Thanks.



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      Katie HoldenKatie Holden

      I had this happen to a panel after a cell phone was plugged into the panel to attempt to get a picture to use as a background. I can’t say for sure that was the cause, but it was the only thing different that happened. A factory reset restored all apps.

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      Hi Don,

      We do suggest completing a factory reset on your panels to resolve the issue.

      If you continue to have issues, can you please provide some additional details?

      1. Did the issue happen again after the factory reset?
      2. Do you use OPS units with your panels?
      3. Have you ensured the panels are up to date?  You can check this by going into the Locker > Update > Check for Updates
      4. Are the panels managed by any MDM, such as Panel Management or Radix?

      Please let us know these details and we can investigate further.

      Thank you,


      Promethean Customer Solutions

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