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      Our tech person was given a beta version (by Promethean, we were told) of the new active driver for the newest OS X 10.12 and it does not work on my Promethean board.  My model is PRM-30 – ABV378PRO.  The pen skips a lot.  I will start writing a word and only half the letters show up.  I have a fellow teacher and her board and pen do the same thing.  Her model is ABV387PRO.  Please help.  We have been dealing with for almost two months and we are not getting any help locally.  Our students are tired of the issue.  Surely your company has a solution.

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      Hello lruth,

      On initial release of Mac OS Sierra 10.12.0 a major issue was identified in that annotations would not “release” and straight lines were being drawn. This issue was caused by a change to the way Apple handle HID events from OS 10.11 to 10.12. This issue was fixed by Apple in Mac OS Sierra 10.12.1, so our QA processes had to start again on the updated OS. 

      So far there has been only been one major issue that has been identified with Mac OS Sierra 10.12.1 within ActivInspire which is not in relation to the ActivDriver, where every second annotation being missed when used in conjunction with an AB300 and AB500 ActivBoards.

      We have found a temporary work around for 300/500 series ActivBoards which is to activate the dual user function within ActivInspire, and select the student annotation tool with the student pen (light grey) on the student toolbar. Once you have done this, you can continue using the teacher pen in the normal manner, you will just need to move the student toolbar out of the way somewhere

      Thank you,


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