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      stuart lawriestuart lawrie

      The pen on this board is very sensitive, by this I mean that often just touching it to the board acts too quickly. An example is when trying to calibrate the board it shoots through the touch points before the crosses are even touched

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      Outside of calibration, does the board react to input from pens normally? If this board is Touch-capable, are there any similar interaction issues when using touch to interact with this board?

      Is the computer used with this board Windows-based or a Mac and what version of the operating system is in place on that computer? Also, which version of the ActivDriver is installed on that computer and if you are able to see the firmware of the board listed with the board in the ActivManager’s control panel, what is that version number?

      If the USB connection in place uses any additional hardware (e.g. an extension cable or booster, a wallbox, an external USB hub or docking station), please instead try making a more direct connection between the computer and the board’s electronics (usually behind its upper left corner, but we can confirm that location with the board’s Product Code) using only a single 3m length of A-to-B USB cable. While connected in this manner, does the same behavior present?

      (Support Case 00595345)

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