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      K MuzunguK Muzungu

      I use Activinspire 2.13 on Windows 10.

      When I google “activinspire super slow” I get some results like “ActivInspire loading slow and slow page transition — Promethean …” but on the Promethean community site I get an error 404 and if I search for it in the forum, it does not exist any more. … Why? Where is it?

      When I try to edit .flipchart files (4MB) on my laptop ( not connected to a Prowise board) then switching pages is suuuuper slow! Also printing to a .pdf takes literally ages.

      Anyone experiencing the same problem?

      Anyone has a solution for that?


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      Erin HenryErin Henry

      Same issues here with the software and with finding the answers.

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      Hi K MuzunguErin Henry

      Thanks for posting.

      The previous forum post was unfortunately lost when we transitioned to our new platform recently. This post reflected issues with slow behaviour seen in ActivInspire 2.14 however rather than 2.13.

      If you click on Help>About within ActivInspire, can you confirm the full version number you are using?
      Are both of the computers you are using part of a school network? Do other users have this issue?

      I look forward to your reply.
      Promethean Support

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      K MuzunguK Muzungu

      sorry, the correct version is 2.14.67304 (the license agreement is 2.13) Personal Edition

      Now I checked what version we are using on the Prowise boards in our school. It is version 1.8.64868. My colleagues use 1.8 and dont have problems.

      Is there a backwards compatibility problem maybe?

      BUT also ActiveInspire is taking ages to boot on my laptop. During startup there appears a black square behind the ActiveInspire startup picture/logo. Task Manager says process inspire.exe “not responding”.  After a while it finally is up.
      I have just now uninstalled inspire, downloaded the latest version and installed it again. Same behaviour. Super long startup time, about 2min. And switching to next page about 4min.


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      Hi K Muzungu,

      In this instance, I would recommend uninstalling your current ActivInspire 2.14 version, and installing 2.13 prior (as this was not a known issue in this version).

      You can download this on the link below:

      I hope this information helps.

      Promethean Technical Support

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