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      Jaap van der VeenJaap van der Veen

      Hi there,

      One of my students made a flipchart in ActivInspire. Somewhere along the way a strange problem appeared. In the page overview on the left, the pages and content are visible. But in the main window, all i (and my student, no mather what computer we use) see is a purple background. Here you can see what i mean:

      What have i tried so far:
      – copy one of the pages from the flipchart to a new flipchart. result: activinspire crashes
      – make a new page in the existing flipchart and copy contents from other pages to this page. result activinsipre crashes.

      Any thoughts on this problem?

      Kind regards,
      Jaap van der Veen
      NHL Hogeschool

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      Hello Jaap,

      We replied to your question on the community post from the link below.…

      There is currently no recovery tool for this particular issue with the flipcharts losing information. This issue usually occurs when too much information is added to the flipchart and also when the flipchart file is transfered between different computers.

      Your reference number is 00468464.

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