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      Wes YandellWes Yandell

      I have 3 displays on my computer. 1 is the projector, 1 is my computer monitor and 1 is my plasma tv and the pens are on the wrong display when I used them on the board. I am not sure what is causing that issue. Any Suggestions to put the pens on the right display. I even have a ticket in with you guys case 48358 and you have yet to respond to my email that I answered your questions.

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      Thank you for posting. Looking in the case, it appears we’ve escalated and they’ve tried to follow up to no avail.

      I’m going to re-raise with escalations and will separately send you a follow-up message from our case.

      Thank you,
      Daniel Barnwell
      Promethean Technical Support

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      I also have this issue. We have 9 ActivePanels of which 2 like to use the extended display for cursor positioning rather than the ActivPanel.

      They where all fine in September one had the issue in January and the second started this week. Our only solution is to set the machine to single display only

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      While the Displays are
      extended, access Windows’ “Tablet PC Settings’. 
      Click on the “Setup” button under ‘Configure’ and when prompted, touch
      the Panel to identify it at the primary input. 
      You can also calibrate the Panel from this same window by choosing the ‘calibrate’
      button under ‘display options’.


      (Support Case

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