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      Hi, I have a problem with an Iiyama touchscreen monitor and ActivInspire software that I’m using in my class.

      When I activate the pen tool inside ActivInspire then try to write by touching the touchscreen monitor, the software attempts to create a selection box instead of drawing a line.

      When I use the mouse to draw a line using the pen tool, it draws a line correctly.  So the problem appears to be in the way the software interacts with the monitor input.  I’m confused by this, because I always thought that the monitor input was exactly the same type of input as using a mouse.

      Any ideas as to how I could fix this?


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      Hello Yosharian,

      We cannot support 3rd party hardware as we do not test ActivInspire on 3rd party hardware. The problem you have described may be resolved by changing some settings in ActivInspire.

      Please open ActivInspire and go to:

      Dual Mode ActivBoard

      Change the input handling to touch and stylus. 

      Please let us know if the issue persists.


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      Thanks Craig, this appears to have solved the problem.  =)

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