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      Activboard 500 Pro is working well by laptop (Dell) but not working by PC (Asus) or any other PC`s.
      The problem is when Activboard is connected to PC pen starts to jump randomly. It jumps and clicks randomly on every side of the Activeboard.  

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      Hi leparcours,

      Thanks for posting on the Support community. 

      Firstly please ensure that your ActivDriver is up to date on the other computers you are connecting. The latest ActivDriver is version 5.14.21.

      Please could you try to disable the touch feature within ActivManager, this can be found under the Pens tab. This option will only show when connecting to the ActivBoard. You should have 10-20 seconds to disable the touch option before the ActivBoard is recognised and any jumping occurs.

      Please let us know if this helps with the issue on your PC. 

      If this does help with the issue, this would indicate something in the environment interfering with the touch layer of the ActivBoard. 

      Kind regards,
      Promethean Technical Support

Viewing 1 reply thread
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