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      Mark JonesMark Jones

      I have a board then when you place a pen on it and try and draw a straight line in Active inspire it just sends straight lines out at angles and then connects them.
      I have calibrated the board and is the same for all user on the system

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      Does using other pens
      ate the board have any effect on the behavior that is presenting?


      Can you confirm the
      version of ActivDriver installed on the computer and the firmware listed with
      the board in the computer’s ActivManager? 
      If needed, the up-to-date ActivDriver (version 5.11) can be downloaded
      from Article 10902 on our Knowledgebase.


      If the USB connection in place uses any additional hardware,
      such as an extension cable, a booster or other adapter, or a wallbox or other
      USB hub, please instead connect a single length of A-to-B USB cable from the
      computer to the board’s electronics, likely located behind its upper left
      corner (we can confirm the location of the board’s electronics with its Product
      Code).  While connected in this manner,
      are the interactions with the pen at the board improved in any way?


      (Support Case

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      Thanks for looking
      The dviver was x64 v5.7. I have uninstalled this and installed x64 v5.11.7
      The board is a very old one and the wording here is Activboard v 3.35 build 2 usb
      The usb connection is one cable direct.

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      Hi Mark,

      Please refer to article 10360 on how to upgrade the ActivBoards firmware, hopefully this will help with the issue you are experiencing.
      Please ensure that the Instructions are followed on how to perform the firmware upgrade. These are located on article 10800 on
      Please ensure you are logged in with full admin permissions to upgrade the firmware.

      (Support Case 00525403)

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      Sorry for the delay
      Upgraded the firmware on the board to 3.75 with no problems.
      Sorry to say it has not fixed the problem.

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      Do you have any other suggestions Promethean Support???

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      Hi Mark,
      At this stage, if updating the drivers and firmware haven’t help resolved the issue we would recommend testing different cables which are known to work with other ActivBoards such as the USB cable and PSU to see if this helps fix the issue. Please also bypass any wallboxes or connection panels in use to see if this helps.
      (Support Case 00525403)

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