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      Gerri StonerGerri Stoner

      So we upgraded to windows 10 and since then our older promethean boards have been losing the connection to the pen.  They work fine first thing in the morning.  But if our teachers stop using Active inspire and use other apps, then go back to active inspire the pen is no longer connected.  The only thing to resolve this is a reboot.

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      Karen PrometheanKaren Promethean

      Hello Gerri,

      Thank you for your post.

      What model board is in use?

      What color is the board’s flame when the pen ceases to interact with the board?

      What version of firmware is listed in the control panel of the ActivManager?

      We look forward to your reply and to assisting you further.

      Kind Regards,


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        Gerri StonerGerri Stoner

        The Active Inspire Version is 2.21.69365

        The Active Drive Version is V5.8.46.3

        The Promethean board model is ABV378PRO


        The pen works fine the first time you use Active Inspire.  If you switch to another application and then back to Active inspire the pen no longer works.  The light on the board is pinkish red.  To get the pen to work again you have to reboot the PC.


        Thanks for you help, this is now happening in two of our classrooms!

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      Slim PrometheanSlim Promethean

      Hi Gerri,

      Thank you for your post.

      In order to fix the issue, can you please start by updating ActivDriver to the latest 5.18.19 version – click here to download.

      We also recommend checking and upgrading your ActivBoard’s Firmware via ActivManager. please follow the steps below to upgrade the firmware to its latest version:

      1.          Visit the article following article:

      2.          Download the 8.10 (build7) firmware by clicking on the “ActivBoard 100 and 300 Series – 78″

      3.          Install the firmware file via ActivManager. Steps are detailed under the “installing the firmware” section of the article.
      a.          In case the firmware installation fails, please power cycle the ActivBoard by removing the USB cable, turn it off via the power button and restart your computer. Once the laptop is back up and running, turn the board on, connect the USB cable and repeat the same steps.

      4.          After successfully installing the 8.10 (build 7) firmware, go to ActivManager > Control Panel > Upgrade, select the Internet source and click on “Load”. This will automatically install the latest HID firmware v8.12.4.

      We hope our reply helps resolve the matter.

      Should you still experience any issues please let us know for further investigation.

      Kind regards,

      Promethean Technical Support

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