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      I used to be able to insert pictures and they would have no background so that they could overlap each other. Now when I insert a picture it has a pink or yellowy background. I want to be able to use the blocks to build towers but cannot see where one finishes and the next should go. Any ideas??

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      Calousco, it sounds as though Image Transparency has somehow gotten turned off. Go to your Resource Browser, click the icon you see circled below, and make sure Image Transparency is checked on:

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      Hi Calousco,
      The information Geno has given is an excellent way of getting this setting back.
      An alternative (longer way of doing this is) is to select your image which has the pink/yellow background and click on the ‘Property browser’ and go to ‘Miscellaneous’ and select ‘Transparent’ as ‘True’. And this should change the background.

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Viewing 2 reply threads
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