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      Gordon McClureGordon McClure


      I am starting to get reports around my schools that some teachers cannot power on their Panels via the power button on the panel or the remote. If they power off at the wall and turn back on they will work again but eventually end up with the same issue.

      It seems to be various models of panel.

      Has anyone had this issue?


      ICT Technician

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      Hi Gordon,

      Thanks for posting.

      This is not something that I have seen before, and I suspect if this is happening to different model of panels that this could be some interference that is causing the ActivPanel to not power on.

      As a test, when you get one of the ActivPanels that doesn’t want to turn on, disconnect all additional cables besides the power cable and then try to turn on.

      If this works, power off the ActivPanel again, and connect each cable one at a time and power on and off at each stage.

      If there is a cable or source that is causing this issue you will be able to identify where this issue is happening.

      If you have ActivPanels that aren’t having this issue, try using the same cables/computer configuration on one that is having this issue and see where the issue remains, I.E with the computer or ActivPanel.

      If the above steps don’t help, we’d recommend contacting Promethean Technical Support directly and providing the serial numbers of the ActivPanels affected and the outcome of these steps.



      Promethean Support

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      Gordon McClureGordon McClure

      Hi Adam,

      Thanks for your reply. Its turns out with the Activ Panel V6’s it was a firmware issue. The V5’s I had were faulty back lights which needed replaced.


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