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      Nathan JamesNathan James

      The teachers at our school are getting new computers with larger monitors. However, they still have older, lower-resolution projectors. The monitors are native 1920×1080 and the projectors are native 1024×768. I can’t find any sort of “presenter mode” so that I can keep the monitors at high resolution and still show the same flipchart as the projector. Powerpoint and other presentation software I’ve worked with is able to handle this, but what about ActivInspire and the whiteboards?

      If I use mirrored desktops, the computer monitor is stretched because the resolution is too low (and the aspect ratio is wrong).
      If I use extended desktop, the ActivInspire software only shows up on the projector.

      I’d like it to appear on both screens and still look good. What can I do?

      Nathan James

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      Hi Nathan,

      ActivInspire doesn’t support dual monitors. We would recommend in this instance to ensure that the projector/board is being used for the main display however this will not get the image staying “good” on both as this is a limitation of Microsoft/Graphics card companies.
      Powerpoint also has 2 modes, a builder and a present mode which can have settings specifically for presenter mode. ActivInspire is both a builder and presentation tool however does not have a presentation mode like PowerPoint.

      Case 00493500 has been created should you wish to contact us directly for this issue.



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