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    I purchased a refurbished PRM-10 and while it works well for the most part, the tab on the focus wheel will not turn (and from the look of if isn’t designed to turn, it’s one solid piece).  Disassembling the projector, I found a internal focus wheel that was locked in place with a black Y shaped bracket.   Removing this and turning the wheel from the inside results in the focus changing but only very slightly.  How can I go about focusing the projector?  At the maximum focus on the internal wheel it’s very blurry and is focused extremely close to the lens, perhaps around 18 inches.   Does anyone have any ideas about what might the happening here?


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    Hello pcarpenter

    To focus the projector please take a look at the below support article:

    You should be able to move the focus ring easily. 

    If the image is not focused it could be due to the resolution from the computer. Can you please remove the source and bring up the on-screen menu to see if the menu is out of focus? 

    Thank you, 


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    Thanks for your help.  After disassembling the projector I figured out what the problem was.  The threads that join the front half of the lens assembly and the read part were off kilter.  That’s why it wouldn’t turn.  I clamped it into a vice and had to twist it with considerable force to get the two pieces to turn again. After that the focus wheel works fine. 

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    Hi pcarpenter

    Thank you for letting us know. 

    Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any support in the future 😀 


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    Brian Skalak
    Brian Skalak


    I am having the same issue with about 3/9 that I just bought. If you have any more info on what you did or even pictures that would be incredibly helpful for me. I just know if I start cranking on it I’ll break it for sure.


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