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      Vanessa OlsonVanessa Olson


      Hello. I am a teacher trying to figure out how to adjust the image being displayed by my PRM 30 projector on my Promethean board.

      I am in Canada. Winnipeg, Manitoba to be exact. A place where there are no Promethean suppliers/support people.

      A few years ago, our then Administrator decided that Promethean boards and projectors there was ONE company (in Ontario), but they no longer do anything with Promethean.

      This started with….

      1. Needed to replace projector bulb. Waited 3 weeks for that.
      2. Replaced bulb but now projected image was too large for board. No matter how I adjust the ratio on my computer the image was bigger than the screen.
      3. Finally got maintenance guy at school to help move the projector along boom arm (loosened bolt, moved and re tightened bolt).
      4. Image is, kind of, fitting on board but is now cock-eyed (crooked). Too high on one side, too low on other and skewing out like a pyramid on the bottom.
        (I have tried looking through menu options but, no luck).
      5. Asked maintenance guy for ladder again to try swiveling the projector. Got ladder. Climbed ladder. Moved it to the right.
      6. My hand brushed over something on the top of the projector and now there is NO POWER to the projector.

      Anyone have any clue what I should do?

      (Do not even get me started on the dim image that I am trying to fix via emails)


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      Hi Vanessa,

      Hopefully we can help atleast get the power to the projector again.

      With a lot of the PRM-30’s these had covers which hid the cables, although some people have have removed this over the years.

      So if you see your cables exposed that are going in to the projector, double check that your power cable is securely connected.

      If the cover is still on, this can be removed (no screws required as this clips on/off), then check the power cable.

      If you still get no power to the projector, it could be that the cable may have become loose when adjusting the projector as the power cable will usually go through the boom arm into a distribution block which also has power to the ActivBoard.

      If you can get to this, you can check to see if the cable is connected or has become loose. This does depend on the type of stand/mount you do have though, as this is more for a fixed or adjustable system, where the ActivBoard sits on a frame.

      I hope this information helps.


      Kind regards,


      Promethean Support

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      Vanessa OlsonVanessa Olson

      Is there anywhere I can find an easy to understand diagram of the top of the projector and/or distribution block in order to figure out if this is where the issue might be?

      I have included a photo of the projector/boom arm set up. PRM 30 with Boom arm

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      Hi Vanessa,

      Thanks for the photo.

      As a quick test to see if the issue relates to the projector rather than the cabling, you can remove the cover and connect another power cable to the projector into mains and see if this gives the projector power.

      If the above does power on the projector, I’ve created just a mock up of the projector and how this will be powered by the system

      Your projector power will connect into the distribution block which will be in the frame that the ActivBoard is sitting on. The ActivBoard would need to be removed from the frame in order to see the distribution block that the projector will be connecting to.

      If the ActivBoard is adjustable, then this will also have a cable that connects into the distribution block as well as the ActivBoards power.

      I hope this helps.




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      Vanessa OlsonVanessa Olson

      *giggling madly*

      Sadly no. It does not help. This is beyond me.

      Any suggestions of what kind of technician we could approach? As stated, we are in a “NO PROMETHEAN TECH SUPPORT” zone.


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      Hi Vanessa,

      Sorry it’s not helped.

      If you have any local Audio Visual Technicians, they should be familiar with a similar set up and understand how this works and are powered.



      Promethean Support

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