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      Stephanie HarrisStephanie Harris

      Have a PRM30 projector.  As the day progressed yesterday, growing and moving black spots appeared on screen.  Is this a potential lamp issue? Or something else?

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      If the Projector’s on-screen menu is affected by these spots, then swapping in a working lamp and leaving the power disconnected from the projector for 30 minutes or so would be two steps we would recommend to determine whether or not the Projector is at cause for this behavior.


      If the on-screen menu is not affected, we would recommend that any VGA or video cabling be swapped out, as well.


      In either case, if the Projector’s filter has been in use for more than 3000 hours (You can check this in the Projector’s menu (Menu > Setting > Filter Counter)), we would recommend that it be replaced.


      If none of these steps has any effect on this behavior, the issue would likely be with the Projector’s internal components.


      As these components are not user-serviceable and the Projector’s warranty has expired, we would recommend reaching out to Panasonic ((855) 772-8324) to enquire about an out-of-warranty repair or our sales team (888-652-2848; option 2) for information about pricing and availability of replacement solutions for that unit)

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