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      B. TalbardB. Talbard

      After the newest update for ActivInspire software the camera tool is no longer working. When I try to use it, within a flipchart or desktop function, the screen turns black with the exception of the camera dialog box. Any suggestions on how to fix this proble?

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      Your case reference number is – 00490794

      In regards to your camera issue can you please confirm what version of ActivInspire you are using? the latest version is 2.3 if you have any less please go to http://www.PrometheanPlanet.com and download the latest software from the support pages.

      Can you please confirm if the camera works in its own software ?

      Once we have this information we will be able to assist you further.

      Thank you,


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      Thank you for such a quick response.  It is version 2.3.65940.  The camera tool wasn’t working in the ActivInspire software but it now is.  It still does not work outside the software using the desktop tools.  The issue started after I was prompted to complete the update.

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      Is the software being used in Windows or on a Mac?  In either case, which version of the operating system is used on that computer?


      What is the screen resolution set to on that computer?  Does lowering its screen resolution affect the behavior of the camera tool?


      (Support Case 00490794)

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      I’m running it on a PC with Windows 8.  The screen resolution 1920 x 1080.  The camera tool is not working in the program today and still isn’t working using the desktop tools.  Lower the resolution doesn’t affect anything.  Thanks for checking into this problem.

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      Access Windows’ Start Menu and enter
      “DXdiag” in the search field at the bottom of the menu.  The only result should be an application called
      ‘DXdiag.exe’; run that application.  A
      window will appear with a green progress bar to the lower left that fills as a
      diagnostic is run and any issue that present are repaired.  After the diagnostic finishes, close the
      window and try using the camera tool in Inspire once more; does the same
      behavior present as before?


      If so, please also ensure that
      Flash and Flash for Other Browsers are up-to-date; the installations for those
      items can be downloaded from this page on Adobe’s
      website.  Also, please ensure that Java
      is up-to-date using the installer downloaded from this page
      After installing both items and re-booting the computer does the screen
      still become completely dark when accessing the Camera Tool  in Inspire?


      (Support Case 00490794)

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      Thank You!!!  The DXdiag.exe didn’t fix it but then I updated both Flash and Java and it is now working.  I truly appreciate the guidance in fixing this issue.  

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      I did lower the resolution and now it seems to work.  Thank you for your suggestions.

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