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    I have removed the est-p1 from the active board. When connected to the mains the power light of the projector is kind of yellow/green. When projector is turned on the power light starts blinking (yellow/green about 30 times) then goes solid blue and the projector works for around 2 minutes. After that suddenly there is no more image, the fans start spinning much faster/heavier and the projector goes in a cycle: the power light blinks 6 times blue and the lamp light blinks once red.
    let me know what to do ..

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    Hi manolis,

    Thank you for your post on the Support Community.

    With this error that you have mentioned this could indicate a fault to the projector or the lamp.
    I would recommend firstly testing another known working lamp from another EST-P1 and seeing if this gets the projector up and running.
    Instructions on how to replace the projector can be found on the link below:

    If this still doesn’t help, remove the mains lead for 30 minutes and try again.

    I hope this information helps.

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Technical Support

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    Hello Adam
    Thanks for the quick reply 
    The thing is that we have no other est p1 so i could not check the lamp … 
    Also is it possible that due to the poor lamp the power light is not green but more yellowish green when plugged in ?
    I will order another lamp just wanted to make sure there is no other issues with the projector before that …
    Thanks a lot
    Manolis Pyrovolakis 
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    Hi manolis,

    Thanks for your reply.

    With regard to the Power LED, this is normal for it to be a green/yellow LED and should not affect the projector at all.

    If you still have issues with this projector after another lamp is tested, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Promethean Technical Support.

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Technical Support

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    Adam i have to same promethean boards one has a burned out lamp and board number 2 has a color wheel problem where the screen starts flashing different colors like i small disco on the screen

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    And the promethean boards i think are EST-P1

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    Hi cameronm,

    Thanks for posting on the Support Community.

    I would recommend providing the serial numbers of each of your projectors and contacting Promethean Technical Support directly by filling in the form on the below link or contacting us over the phone:

    Does another lamp work in the EST-P1 projector that has the burned out lamp? 
    Depending on the age of this, lamps are covered for 3 years or 3000 hours whichever comes first. You can press Status on the remote to obtain the lamp hours. 

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Technical Support

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    I have a est p1 and has been displaying stuck pixels and spots of solid colour I was suspecting it might be the colour wheel projector functions normaly otherwise

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    Hello dayton, 

    Please test a know working lamp on the projector, it could be that the lamp is defective and it needs to be replaced. You can also perform a factory rest to the projector using the instructions form the link below:

    Please let us know if the issue still continues with the projector. 

    Thank you, 
    Promethean Technical Support. 

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    Hello thanks for the fast reply I have a new lamp tested in it same issues still occur and I have proformed a factory reset it has no effect 

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    In this case, @dayton, we would recommend searching the serial number of the projector on this page to see if it is still within its warranty period.

    If that is within warranty, please contact us with that serial number and a summary of the issue with the projector in question.

    If not, please reach out to our Service Provider, MendTronix, to inquire about an out-of-warranty repair for that unit or to our Sales Team to inquire about pricing and availability of Projectors to purchase as a replacement.

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