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      When my computer is turned on,  the screen on the monitor is not projected correctly onto the board.  It is so small and only shows half of the monitor picture as if someone has cut the picture in half.  Please help!!

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      Hi Lynda, 

      Thank you for posting your question. 
      Do you know what the projector product code is?  
      Don’t post the serial number online, but if you know what model you are using that will help us troubleshoot this for you. 
      Generally speaking, you should have an “Auto(PC)” button on your projector remote, have you tried pressing that?  
      Have you ever had it working correctly with this computer?  
      Do you happen to know what type of cable connection you have to the Projector, is it VGA or HDMI? 
      Also, what type of operating system is on your computer?  Windows or Mac? 

      Does the image look ok when another computer is connected to the projector? 

      I have created a reference for you with all details, please don’t hesitate to call and have one of our agents talk you through adjusting the image if this is a Promethean Projector. 

      Ref: 00464522

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