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      We have series of ActivBoards in our school that are less than a year old. However, the majority of the time when the computer is turned on in the morning the interactive board/projector needs to be turned on before the computer monitor will display anything.

      Is there a solution that does not involve buying video splitting equipment?

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      Are the VGA
      connections to the projector and Computer monitor both going through the same hardware?
        If so, try removing that hardware and
      connecting each device directly in to the computer with a VGA cable; does each
      device start up and display an image as normal while connected directly to the computer?   Using the same Hardware, do two monitors
      used act in the same manner (where one will not display anything until the
      other is powered on and displaying)?


      (Support Case

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      The graphics card in the computers in question all have the white DVI outputs. These connect to a splitter that has two blue VGA connectors on the end. One of the VGA connectors is empty, whilst the other connects to VGA1 on the ActivBoard.

      Then a separate blue VGA cable is connected at one end to VGA2 on the ActivBoard and into the computer’s monitor on the other end.

      Is this a set-up that should work as it is? The signals aren’t going through any separate hardware as such, just a series of cables.

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      Try connecting the VGA cable from the empty port on the Splitter to the computer’s monitor instead of from the VGA2 port on the wallbox in use or the frame behind the board (both of which only operate as inputs). 


      (Support Case 00487225)

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