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      Deb CoffeyDeb Coffey

      My projector is not turning on. The light on the projector turns green, I can hear the fan blowing on and off, and after a little bit, the light flashes red 15 times and turns to a solid red. We cleaned the filter in the back (it’s a silver unit with plugs off to the side) PRM-30. We also used compressed air. Is there anything else that we can or need to do?

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      In this case, Deb, we would ask first that the power cable
      for that projector be disconnected from the side of that unit and only
      re-connected after 5 or so minutes have passed. 
      If the projector will still not power on at that time, please install a
      different lamp in this projector (either and on-hand spare or, preferably, one
      borrowed from a projector of the same model). 
      Instructions for installing the lamp in the projector can be found in
      two articles from our Knowledgebase:  KBM129 (the user guide for the PRM-30
      Projector) and 11162 (instructions on replacing the lamp in a PRM-30


      Please reach out to our Technical
      Support Team
      with your results from the above steps, along with the serial
      number of the projector, and (if a working lamp allows the projector to power
      on) the lamp hours from the projector. 
      Article 10474 from the Knowledgebase can help you find the projector’s
      serial number and Article 10861 will guide you on how to obtain the lamp hours
      from the projector.


      (Support Case 00530349)

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