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      George SamiosGeorge Samios

      Hello, I am teaching a new class which happens to be equipped with a Promethean ActivBoard PRM-AB378-01. Unfortunately I checked the back of the board and there are no cables whatsoever. I have some questions regarding the connection to my laptop and power supply of the device.
      I did find a usb cable that seemed to work with the device and windows automatically installed the drivers. The flame on the front upper left side of the board is white/pinkish but the board is not responding to my finger touches.
      1. Does this type of board work with finger touches?
      2. Are the connections mentioned above correct? Namely is the usb cable enough or I definitely need a pen and a power supply for the board?

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      The 300 series board is to be used with an ActivPen only and not with the finger.


      If the flame is lighting white, you do not need need any other cables with that ActivBoard.



      Promethean Technical Support

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        George SamiosGeorge Samios

        Adem thank you very much for your quick response. I understand now that my topic title is incorrect since my product is a promethean 300 series type and not 100. From my quick search the default pen type for this particular model is the ActivWand 50. Is this correct? Could you tell me which other pen types are compatible and where can I purchase them?

        Thanks again.

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      Craig PrometheanCraig Promethean

      Hi George,

      Thank you for your post.

      If you have a 300 series ActivBoard, you will need an ActivPen4. I have provided a link to our support page to show the compatible ActivPens:


      Please let us know if you have any further questions 🙂

      Kind regards,


      Promethean Technical Support




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