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      I have a new MacBook Air (Early 2015) and some Promethean 387 Pro ActivBoards that will not connect. If I inserte an active USB hub between the board and the computer it works – but not if I connect with a single USB cable. What is going on? I tried with activdriver  5.11.7 and 5.12.16 and got the same result.

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      Thank you for posting. Most likely this is a USB 3.0 issue.

      There are some issues w 3.0 backwards-compatibility. This is a general issue and not Promethean-specific.

      We have heard of users resolving using a USB hub, and this is likely the simplest resolution. You may also be able to resolve the issue using shorter cables, or ensuring your system drivers are up to date.

      I hope this helps but if we can assist further please let us know.

      Thank you,
      Promethean Technical Support

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