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      Anthony DenovellisAnthony Denovellis

      I have a question regarding my Promethean Board. When I am playing a video (usually YouTube) or use the ReadyGen curriculum website to read aloud a story to my class, the board goes black. The audio still plays, however even when I turn it off and on this continues. It happens randomly and some days it doesn’t do this at all. I’ve tried different things, such as restarting or making the video smaller, but none have worked. Any ideas on an easy fix to this problem?

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      Eddie PrometheanEddie Promethean

      Hi Anthony,

      Thank you for reaching out.

      Can you please let us know the model of panel you are using?

      Does this issue happen when you have a computer connected to the panel? If so, which web browser are you using?

      Are you using an Element Series panel? If so can you please go to Locker>>>>Update and let us know what the main board firmware version is?

      Do you happen to be using an ActivConnect G or an OPS G? If so , would you please let us know the version of software on this device? You may use this article to help with finding that information.

      Once we have the answers to these questions we will be able to help further assist with this matter.

      We look forward to hearing from you.

      Best regards,


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