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      Gareth CampbellGareth Campbell

      Please can you give some advice, in my work environment which is a secondary school I have a promethean EST-P1 projector that is not working, I have consulted with the EST-P1 owners manual and have indicators that direct me to the issue is that there is a Burner Fan Error – 6 power LED flashing lights and 1 lamp LED flashing light.

      Do you have any suggestions as how this can be fixed or can it be fixed?  I don’t want to replace the lamp in case the projector blows it.

      Thanks, Gareth

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      Hi Gareth,

      Thanks for posting.

      I have removed the serial number from your post.

      Try powering down the projector with the remote them at the plug for 30 minutes then power back on.

      Please also ensure the projector is cleaned on a regular basis as dust build-up can cause lots of problems.

      Here is an article about projector care;


      Our next suggestion would be to try a different known working lamp.

      If it still doesn’t work,  it may be in need of repair.

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

      Kind regards,


      Promethean Technical Support

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