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      Jasmin AlvarezJasmin Alvarez

      I am having trouble with my pens. My Promethean is connected to a Macbook Air, sound and display work just fine. I am able to calibrate but when I was to use my pen, but I am unable to click on anything with my pen or write on my board. Just a cursor shows up and it moves but no clicking is allowed.

      I remember something popping up when I first opened up Active Inspire for the first time. The message was something along the lines of enabling something as a cursor and I needed my admin to enter in their credentials so I exited out. Unfortunately, I am not able to get that message to pop up again for my Techco to put in his credentials and enable what needs to be enabled for it to work.

      What can I do? If there something in the settings we are missing that needs to be enabled?


      Thank you in advanced!


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      Hello Jasmin,

      Thank you for your post on our Community Forum.

      In regard to the issue you are having, sometimes with Mac computers there are some elements that need enabling for ActivInspire to work correctly.

      Please find below the article that will help you enable these permissions:

      Please, also refer to the following article for additional settings: with ActivInspire.

      Should you need further help, please confirm the model of ActivBoard or ActivPanel you have and the version of ActivInspire you are using.

      Thank you and kind regards,


      Promethean Technical Support

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