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      When i am in windows and paint my activ board will work properly but when i go into Activ inspire and go to use the pen it will work to select objects but it will not let me write as everything seems to be coming up as a box or a select box  icon.  I have  downloaded the latest version of activ inspire  and this pen will work fine when i draw something in paint but just wont work in Activ inspire.  Any Ideas

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      Thanks for posting on the Support Community.

      To change this option, please open ActivInspire and click on File>Settings>Dual Mode ActivBoard.
      You need to change Touch Input handling to Touch or Stylus (Interactive Flat Panels) or Touch or ActivPen (ActivBoards).
      You can also change Touch Interoperability to OS Compatible.

      You will need to click on Done and then re-select the pen tool to make this change.

      I hope this information helps.

      Kind regards,
      Promethean Technical Support

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      I have almost the same problem but I can’t change Touch Input handling to Touch or Stylus, it is grayed out. How can I fix this?


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      Hi BryanLesher,

      Thanks for posting, are you also experiencing the same issue that was originally posted where the touch is drawing a select box?

      If yes, we can look into this and best advise, what’s the current version of ActivInspire and ActivDriver installed on the computer? 
      What Promethean ActivBoard/ActivPanel are you using, please provide model number only.
      If you need help finding the model number, please click the link below:

      Promethean Technical Support.

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