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      So I have about 5 machines that are of different makes / models starting to have the same behavior. I’m using one machine for the support thread as it has been very easy to reproduce. Here are the symptoms:

      • Calibration from either Windows or ActivDriver (regardless of is ActivDriver is installed) works fine. No calibration issues.
      • Interactivity with the board itself, no issues at all. Even while this issue occurs, I am able to minimize ActivInspire and use the full Windows experience.
      • ActivInspire works for a short period, and after a few minutes of launch, the tools no longer work from the board. I can go back to the machine, use the mouse and draw with say the pen tool till I go numb. I go up to the board, no dice. I can still select different tools in the toolbox, colors, etc, however I am unable to actually draw in the flipchart.
      • I have installed/uninstalled ActivInspire, ActivDriver was not initially installed. I installed it to which ActivInspire would then crash on startup, so I removed ActivDriver, ran the built in Windows Touch Screen utility (setup a display, and calibrated).
      • I did also notice that in Windows 10, I am unable to enable tablet mode.
      • We were easily able to break ActivInspire and reproduce the issue by using the line tool, and switching back to the pen. Once we drew and attempted to switch to anything else, it stopped interacting.

      Copied these questions from another thread.

      1. What version of ActivInspire have you installed on your computer?


      2. What is your operating system?

      Windows 10 20H2 Build 19042.867

      3. Does the interaction issue persist when using other programs (like Paint) ?


      4. Please launch ActivInspire and go to File > Settings > Dual Mode ActivBoards and set the following options as follows:

      Touch input handling: Touch and ActivPen (if you’re using a Panel) / Touch or Stylus (if you’re using an ActivBoard). Done
      Touch interoperability: OS compatible Done
      Default tool for touch: Select Done
      5. If the issue persists, please manually uninstall ActivInspire from the computer and re-install again. You will find below support articles to walk you through the manual uninstall process for your operating system. Done

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      Karen PrometheanKaren Promethean


      Thank you for your post.

      For further information about the dual mode settings that work best with which board/panel in ActivInspire, please see the following helpful article on our support portal:

      With the latest ActivDriver installed (5.18.19), please ensure Mouse is selected in the Pens tab in the ActivManager.

      Also, is the computer set to duplicate or extended mode?

      We look forward to your response and to assisting you further.

      Kind Regards,


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        As I mentioned before: “ActivDriver was not initially installed. I installed it to which ActivInspire would then crash on startup, so I removed ActivDriver, ran the built in Windows Touch Screen utility (setup a display, and calibrated).”

        ActivDriver does not properly detect the board, but Windows does. ActivDriver is not currently installed.

        The “Main” monitor for the computer is standalone (extended), the second monitor is set for duplication with the projector.

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      Michael PrometheanMichael Promethean
      Senior Moderator


      Thanks for that information. We have sent you an email directly to collect some further details including your hardware serial number. Please reply to that email so we can provide next steps.



      Promethean Support

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      Thank you for your reply.

      We will provide further troubleshooting steps via email from the case we have created for you.

      Thank you for your patience.

      Kind regards,


      Promethean Technical Support

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