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      Adam ForbesAdam Forbes

      My projector is too dim (orange promethean projector). I have tried everything with cleaning filters, blacking out windows, etc. It is still nearly impossible to see the image. It is so faint and dim. The IT guy said he tried to replace bulb before, but it didnt help much. The last teacher just gave up on using it. However, I need to use it for math and science. 
       If I have a different projector, can I use that with the promethean board and still use writing features?

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      Hello Adam,

      Thank you for your email.

      You can use a different projector with a Promethean ActivBoard as the projector controls the image for the interaction.

      The issue you have described sounds like it is being caused by the projector, you have carried out all the steps we would ask you do.

      We do offer a chargeable repair for the projector that may resolve the issue.

      If you would like further details please do not hesitate to contact us.



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      So, to clarify, if our current projector is not working/beyond repair, we could replace with any projector?  My tech is saying the whole thing has to go, but we use the board daily.

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      This projector needs a deep cleaning. The lens assembly usually accumulates dust that needs to be cleaned out. This does involve taking the unit apart though.

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