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      Loren KleinLoren Klein

      I just got a MacBook Pro for use in my classroom, and am making the jump from Windows to Mac. Is there a FAQ/User Guide for using Promethean stuff with a Mac? ActivInspire feels the same, but I can’t scroll using the pen thus far, since on the touchpad you use two fingers to scroll. Using Yosemite by the way. Thanks!

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      Hi Loren,

      Thanks for your post. ActivInspire works the same across both operating systems, it may be that you have not enabled the page extender option which is why you cannot scroll?

      Hope this helps!

      Kind Regards,

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      I guess I should have been a little more clear; I got the extender to work when I was playing around today.

      I can’t scroll with the pen on the Promethean board itself. For instance, if I was on a web page in Chrome and wanted to scroll down, I can’t scroll with the pen because the mouse/touchpad command for scrolling is to use two fingers on the mouse/touchpad. 

      Just trying to get used to the quirks of using the pen on a Mac after seven (!!!) years of Promethean use on a PC.


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      Do you have the scroll bar when you have chrome open on your Mac?
      If you do not see the scroll bar you could have a look at the settings and enable this,
      Under System Preferences, General – click – Always show scroll bars.

      Does scrolling work with other browsers such as Safari?

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      Ha! There we go!

      I wasn’t sure if Promethean made any documentation for use with a Mac using the pen. Thanks a bunch!

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