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      I am trying to make short video clips to upload to google classroom but although sound is recording, screen work is not. So the board remains blank on playback. I used to be able to do this fine. Any ideas?

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      Hello nichola149 ,

      Thanks for reaching out in our support community.

      We see this occur at times when the video player used to play back does not support this file format or codec. Please try playing the recording using an alternate media player. ActivInspire will use which ever player is set as the default on your computer.  

      Please let us know what operating system is in use, as well as the version of ActivInspire.

      Promethean Support

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      Thank you for your quick reply. Now I have sound, but the visual recording is not capturing either whole page or selected area. It is only capturing a small part, so much of my work is missing on recorded clip. Again this used to work fine before upgrade and a quick check shows playback on existing clips are still ok.
      Could you advise?

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      Hi Nichola,

      Thank you for getting back to us.

      Can you please confirm the version of ActivInspire and please also confirm the operating system in use.

      Thank you

      Promethean Technical Support

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