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      I have the latest driver-restarted-plugged in hub and I continue to get the same message about driver.
      Inspire 2.866693
      running Sierra

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      Hi tmorrison,

      Thanks for posting on the Support Community.

      With regard to the driver, you’ve not mentioned which version has been installed on your post.
      There is a specific ActivDriver that has to be used to support Mac OS Sierra so we need to ensure that this has been updated too.

      The latest version of the ActivDriver has just been released and this is now version 5.10.10.
      This can be downloaded from the link below:

      Once this has been installed, if you still encounter any issues, we have also upgraded ActivInspire to version 2.9 which now supports Mac OS Sierra.
      This won’t be available to be updated through the ActivInspire>Check for Updates feature so will need to be downloaded from the below link:

      I hope with the latest versions of both the ActivDriver and ActivInspire software this helps with the issue you are experiencing. 
      If you still have any errors occur, please could you screenshot these and post so we can look into this.

      Promethean Technical Support

Viewing 1 reply thread
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