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      Deanna LicatovichDeanna Licatovich

      When I plug in the Hub to the computer and select the registration icon, Classflow is the only option I see. I am unable to register any devices (such as my slate). Please advise.

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      Hello Deanna,

      Thank you for the post regarding the slate registration. Please answer a few questions for us.

      What is the serial number for the slate? Is the hub blinking the green light? If not try the hub in another computer that has the software and driver installed. Does it blink green there?

      Please open the ActivManager and let us know the firmware version for the hub.

      To find the firmware version you can go to the support website support.prometheanworld.com, and read article #1012. Although this article speaks about the driver it also shows how to get to the ActivManager/control panel/hardware tab.

      Your driver should be the most current and you can verify that also on the control panel, at the bottom where it says copy right Promethean. Our most current driver is 5.12.17. This driver works with most operating systems. You can read about updating your driver on the support website also, Articles #1093, 1291.

      Thank you
      Promethean Technical Support

Viewing 1 reply thread
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