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      Laura CLaura C

      With the 4.3.0 release, we’ve introduced new features that allow accounts to be locked with alphanumeric passwords, made major enhancements to the Locker, and added support for Ukrainian. We’ve also resolved the need to reboot unresponsive ActivPanels, resolved an issue with Wi-Fi connections, and resolved latency and crashing issues that could occur in Screen Share.

      With the 4.3.1 release, we’ve fixed a bug that affected certain Nickel and Cobalt panels. After the update to version 4.3.0, the screen on some Nickel and Cobalt panels would display incorrectly with a dual/stretched image due to an incorrect picture quality setting. Any Nickel and Cobalt panels that were previously updated to 4.3.0 should be updated to 4.3.1 to ensure that the optimal picture quality settings are applied.

      New features

      • You can now secure your user account on the ActivPanel with an alphanumeric password. Users who prefer to use a 4-digit PIN for account security may continue to do so.


      • ActivPanel users now have more options for organizing their apps and shortcuts in the Locker.
        • New ActivPanels and ActivPanels that have a clean installation of the 4.3.0 firmware version will receive an update to the default Locker organization. We’ve put teacher-focused apps on page 1 of the Locker for easier access, and we’ve grouped the administrative apps together on page 2. Panels that are updating to 4.3.0 from a previous firmware version will maintain their current Locker organization and will not receive this update.
        • Create multiple Locker pages and move your apps and Chromium shortcuts between pages for customized organization. To create a new Locker page, drag an app icon or a shortcut icon onto a Locker page that is already fully populated, and the ActivPanel will automatically create a new page.
        • Easily rename or delete any Chromium shortcut that has been added to the Locker. Long press on the shortcut icon to open the menu, and then select Delete shortcut or Rename shortcut to make changes.
      • Titanium model ActivPanels now support live wallpaper apps with a single live wallpaper.
        • Wallpaper apps that include multiple live wallpapers are not supported.
        • Please note that live wallpapers may affect the speed and performance of the ActivPanel.
      • ActivPanel and our panel apps now support Ukrainian.
      • We’ve updated fonts for consistency in the ActivPanel interface and Promethean panel apps.

      Bug fixes

      ActivPanel bug fixes

      • Titanium model panels with OPS-M devices no longer need to be rebooted to restore touch functionality after sleep.
      • Titanium model panels have received an update to the Wi-Fi driver that prevents the Wi-Fi connection from dropping at random times.
      • ActivPanels with SSL certificates installed will no longer lock out the Owner account after a firmware update. If the certificate was originally secured with an alphanumeric password, after the update, the ActivPanel will now display the alphanumeric keyboard and allow the user to sign in.
      • Cobalt model panels can now receive the command to change source to DisplayPort via RS-232 code.
      • Panels that receive the command to power on via RS-232 code will now power on instead of entering standby.
      • The Google Play Store no longer indicates that the Class Dojo app is not compatible with Cobalt and Nickel model panels. Users can install and use the Class Dojo app on Cobalt and Nickel model panels.
      • If the Wake-on-LAN setting is enabled, it will no longer be disabled after a firmware update.
      • Whiteboard files that are saved to Google Drive are now visible in Google Drive.
      • We’ve removed the non-functioning button that indicated the ability to add users from the lock screen.
      • The Files app now displays all the files in a cloud drive that contains a large number of files.

      Screen Share bug fixes

      • We’ve resolved an issue where sharing from an iOS device via AirPlay could cause latency that increased in severity as the session went on.
      • We’ve reduced the volume of ARP packets that is generated on the local network during discovery of sender devices in certain network configurations.
      • We’ve resolved an issue where the Screen Share receiver app could crash when the user casts from a sender device that has touchback enabled.
      • We’ve resolved an issue where a screen that is being shared from an Android device could get stuck intermittently.

      To download the update for your ActivPanel Elements Series, please visit the Downloads page.

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