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      With the 2.4.4 release of ActivConnect OPS-G, we have introduced new features to simplify the device sharing experience, have provided support for Screen Share sessions over a local network where an internet connection is not available, and have addressed multiple issues that resulted in static, distortion, and poor audio quality from Windows PC, Mac, and iOS sender devices. We have also introduced a new Activities app, and we’ve implemented fixes to the Timer app and the Spinner app.

      New features

      Screen Share

      • Panel Name and ID window
        • The new Panel Name and ID window will be visible while full screen casting. This window provides students with the Panel ID and AirPlay name that they need to connect a device without having to return to the Waiting Room of the Screen Share receiver app on the ActivPanel.
        • The Panel Name and ID window is transparent to avoid obscuring underlying content.
        • When Screen Share casting is initiated, the Panel Name and ID window defaults to a location in the upper right corner of the ActivPanel. During a session, the user can move the window.
        • The Panel Name and ID window is configured to display by default, but it can be toggled off in the Screen Share Settings dialog.
      • Easy switching between devices that are sharing
        • When two to four devices are selected for sharing from the Screen Share Waiting Room, we’ve made it possible to switch from the device that is currently sharing to one of the other devices without returning to the Waiting Room.
        • A Back arrow will now appear next to the floating Waiting Room button in the lower right corner of the ActivPanel. Tap the Back button to show a multi-screen view of the devices originally selected for sharing, and then tap on the device that you want to share next.
      • Local network discovery
        • We’ve made it possible for Screen Share sender devices to discover and connect to a Screen Share session over a local network where an internet connection is not available. Even when an internet connection is available, Screen Share will attempt to use the local network for faster discovery in the event that the internet connection is weak.

      Activities app

      • For the first time, the Activities app is available on the OPS-G. The Activities app allows teachers to open and interact with Activity files created in ActivInspire and CFA files created in ClassFlow.
      • The Activities app supports up to two activities at the same time, with the exceptions of labeled diagrams and crossword activities.

      Bug fixes

      Classroom Essential apps

      • The font size now renders correctly in the Timer app and the Spinner app when the user sets the system font size to “large.”

      Screen Share

      • We’ve addressed issues in the Screen Share receiver app and the sender app to improve audio quality when sharing.
        • Users will no longer experience sound distortion and noise when they are casting audio from the Screen Share sender for Windows PC and for Mac.
        • Users will no longer hear static when they are casting video from an iOS device with the myPromethean mobile app.

      Additional fixes

      • Users will no longer encounter an error with the video camera when they launch a video meeting app such as Zoom.
      • We’ve restored screen-sharing functionality in Microsoft Teams when the user is sharing between an OPS-G and a Windows 10 PC.

      To update your ActivConnect OPS-G, please visit the Updates page.

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