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      Laura CLaura C
      • Added an extra, thinner pen tip option in the Whiteboard app. Previously there were only three pen tip options.
      • Added feature to Whiteboard app which helps smooth out drawn lines. Previously, portions of the lines would appear jagged.
      • Updated the Annotate app so the default setting is red ink. Previously the default setting was blue ink.
      • Updated the Timer app with four default colours (black, green, purple, and blue). Previously, all timers would appear the same colour. All individual timers now (up to four can be displayed at a time) feature a different colour.
      • Added a counter-clockwise spin to the Spinner app. Previously, the spinner would only spin clockwise.
      • Resolved an issue where a signal is lost when switching from the HDMI In source on the ActivConnect OPS-G to a different source on the ActivPanel, and then back to the HDMI In source on the ActivConnect OPS-G.
      • Added Android security updates.
      • Improved efficiency of the integration process between ActivPanel Elements Series and the ActivConnect OPS-G.

      To update your ActivConnect OPS-G, please refer to article 1660.

      ActivPanel Elements Series users that cannot update to the latest version of ActivPanel software (v3.2) should continue to use the previous version of ActivConnect OPS-G software for Locker integration. Details can be found in article 1753.

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