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      The 6.10 release of ClassFlow includes new enhancements and addresses issues across key experiences of the product, including:

      Lesson Builder

      We’ve made it possible for students to preview and interact with lesson content in the student view of Lesson Builder. Previously students had to exit Lesson Builder to see lesson content, and were limited to a small, static preview of lesson cards.

      We fixed an issue with the formatting of bulleted lists (unordered lists) and numbered lists (ordered lists) when they’re applied to text blocks. Lists are now top-aligned with adjacent text rather than middle-aligned. This fix was also applied to text blocks in lesson card notes and Assessment Builder.

      We fixed multiple issues in creating, editing, and displaying math formulas in ClassFlow text blocks.

      We fixed a problem where .mp3 audio files would sometimes not play in a Lesson.

      When stroking lines around the Ruler, Protractor, or Set Square tools, the mouse cursor will now change to a pen.

      My Resources

      We’ve added the ability to download multiple Activity, Lesson, and Assessment files as well as most media files from My Resources to a compressed .zip file to enable opening that content directly within apps on an ActivPanel (outside of ClassFlow). For example, you could download a collection of created Activities you wish to load on a Promethean ActivPanel Elements Series for use with the new Activities player app.

      All file types in My Resources are supported for multiple download with the following exceptions:
      o Assignments
      o Rubrics
      o Content Bundles
      o YouTube videos and Bing images


      We fixed an issue where images added to a Creative Response Assessment were being stretched and not maintaining their original aspect ratio.


      We addressed numerous U.S. Section 508 Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliance issues in Lesson Builder and Lesson Presenter modes including:
      o Color/contrast errors
      o Empty or missing form labels
      o Empty links, buttons, and headings
      o Broken ARIA menus and items


      We addressed multiple potential security vulnerabilities.


      ClassFlow v6.10 will be released globally from 21 February 2020.

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