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      EULA update – Open source and software cookies
      As part of our End User License Agreement, we list all open source software used in our products in an easily viewable webpage. Additionally, we describe all cookies that are used in our myPromethean product.

      Panel enrollment by bulk upload using a CSV file
      Organization and Panel Administrators are now able to upload a CSV file (via the Panel Management app in the myPromethean portal) containing panel names and serial numbers to enroll panels to be managed.

      Panel enrollment by manual input
      Organization and Panel Administrators can enroll a panel or multiple panels via the Panel Management app in the myPromethean portal by manually inputting a panel name and serial number.

      Unenrolling a panel
      Organization and Panel Administrators have the option to unenroll a panel through the Panel Management app in the myPromethean portal. The unenrolled panel will be removed from the panel list; however, activities of the panel will remain in the general Activity Log. Once unenrolled, the panel can be enrolled in another organization.

      Panel status
      There is now a “Status” column for each panel. Status states include:

      • Pending – the panel is enrolled in the organization but is not manageable
      • Online – the panel is enrolled and manageable
      • Offline – the panel is enrolled and was previously connected, but is now offline (and therefore not manageable)
      • Updating – the panel is actively being updated via panel management or scheduled for an update when the panel is in Standby mode and the panel’s local time is between the hours of 7:00PM (19:00) and 6:00AM

      Panel diagnostic tool
      If a QR code cannot be a generated on the panel, the Panel Management app on the panel will generate an error code and an error message describing the reason for the error. Previously, the Panel Management app would produce a spinning wheel when a QR code is unable to be generated.

      Bug fixes
      Improvements to the Panel Management activity log to make it easier to understand when a panel was first enrolled.

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